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  • Microsurfacing Improvements

    On Monday October 24, 2016, the Town will be performing repairs to our microsurfacing project. Microsurfacing improves the surface of the roadway and also extends the service life. This work will be completed by Tefler Pavement Technologies as warranty repair work for the microsurfacing project that was completed in 2015. The areas to receive the repairs will have “no parking” signs on barricades set up 72 hours prior to work being performed.

  • Town Relaxes Water Conservation Rules Beginning October 31, 2016

    Beginning October 31, 2016, the Town will be relaxing water conservation guidelines from mandatory to voluntary efforts. To date, the Town has reduced consumption by 28.1% as compared to the 2013 benchmark. This is no small accomplishment – the success of the Town’s water conservation is largely in part because residents and businesses took action by following (and often exceeding) the mandatory guidelines.

  • Renovation Work Beginning at Veterans Memorial Park

    Over the next two months, Veterans Memorial Park will be undergoing renovations! Residents and visitors can expect to see the project take on a demolition and area preparation phase, construction phase, and finally landscaping and planting.

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