View the Water Conservation Plan and the Napa Valley Drought Contingency Plan (PDF).

Water System Background

The Town of Yountville's primary water source is Rector Reservoir located east of Silverado Trail. The State of California Department of Veterans Affairs owns and operates the water treatment facility at Rector Reservoir and the treated water is purchased by the Town. The Town has three connections to the State's transmission main that runs from the Rector Reservoir's treatment facility to the Veterans Home in the Town of Yountville. The first connection serves the "out of town" customers that reside east of the Napa River, with the remaining two connections serving the incorporated portion of Yountville. The Town also has two connections to the City of Napa's transmission main as a second source. This second source allows for the Town to have a reliable water source when the Rector Reservoir facility is not operating for any reason. Finally, the Town has one well that is designated for "emergency use". The Town's water distribution system is operated and maintained by the Utility Operations Division. Learn more in the following resources:

Resources for Water Customers

For water related issues please call 707-944-2988. This number also forwards to the Town's emergency on-call operator. To establish new utility services (water/sewer), please call 707-944-8851. View a list of the current utility rates. View list of the associated utility fees (PDF) (i.e. meter turn on).

Beacon "Eye on Water"

Think you have a leak? Going out of town? Just want to better manage your water usage? "Eye on Water" technology is here for you!

  • Hourly, Daily, and Monthly usage graphs, with week-to-week comparisons.
  • Receive leak alerts by setting custom usage thresholds.

What Can You Do if You Have a Water Leak?

  • If the leak is after the water meter (usually in the front yard just behind the street curb) then it is the responsibility of the homeowner to have the leak repaired. Contact a local plumber for assistance. *Please note that if you need the service shut off at the meter, you need to call Town Staff for assistance.
  • If the leak is at or before the water meter, at a fire hydrant, in the street, or at an unoccupied home or business, please call 707-944-2988.
  • View Tips for locating a leak on your property (PDF).

Cross Connection Program

Use this link if you received a letter requesting your annual Backflow device test be completed, or if you have been required to install a Backflow Prevention Device. Information regarding Town approved testers and installation specifications can also be obtained on the Cross Connection Program page.

Water Quality

It is the Town's goal to provide our customers with high-quality drinking water that you can drink with confidence. One of these steps involves flushing our lines to circulate water and remove debris caused by pipe scaling and mineral deposits. We also have a history of sand in our system that has prevented us from doing high-velocity flushing, which would normally remove the scaling and stagnant water.

The Town contracts with ValveTek Services to perform high-velocity flushing by a means that scours the pipelines and filters the water at the same time, removing any unwanted material. This filtered water is then reintroduced to the system eliminating the water waste usually associated with this type of maintenance activity. This is a proven method that works in an efficient manner as the reuse of water is critical in reducing the Town's carbon footprint and saves the ratepayers money at the same time. This was last completed in 2015 and 2018, based on the needs of the system.

The Town's Water Distribution Operators, also perform additional flushing throughout the system on an annual basis.

Capital Improvement Project

To see a list of water utility upgrades, please visit the Capital Improvement Project Map list.

Who Do I Call if I Have a Sewer Related Problem?