Public Art Program

Welcome to the Town's Public Art Program page! The Yountville Town Council approved Ordinance Number 16-449 establishing a Public Art Fee Fund. This is a restricted fund where revenue generated must only go towards maintaining the Public Art Walk.

This fee is calculated based on 1% of the project valuation and is assessed to all commercial applicants at the time of building permit issuance in the form of a deposit.

Commercial applicants have two options to satisfy the public art requirement:

  • Pay an in-lieu fee: Direct the 1% assessment you paid with your building permit to go to the public art fund directed and managed by the Yountville Arts Commission on the needs of the art walk now or in the future.
  • Place Art: Applicants who wish to place art will have the deposit returned after the artwork has been successfully approved and placed per the program requirements. Placing art allows the applicant to bring a signature art installation to the development as an identifying and prestigious feature.

For your convenience, please see the information below regarding the Public Art Program Fee Requirements and forms.
Please contact Samantha Holland, Parks and Recreation Director with any questions!