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Yountville Boards, Committees & Commissions

The Town Council from time-to-time establishes local advisory boards, committees and commissions by ordinance or resolution. These advisory bodies are responsible for making recommendations on a variety of topics to the Town Council for consideration and final determination.

The Town Council recognizes there is a vast and largely untapped reservoir of talent that exists among the citizenry and to encourage public input and citizen participation, the Town Council appoints representatives to various local and countywide advisory boards, committees and commissions (boards and commissions).

The general purpose, responsibilities and terms of office for each board and commission are established by their respective ordinance, resolution and by-laws in accordance with the policies and guidelines established by the Town Council. To learn more about a Yountville boards, committees or commissions, refer to the hyperlink at the top of this page and select which one you are interested in.

Yountville Residents Appointed to External Boards & Commissions

The Town Council also recommends Yountville residents for appointment to external boards and commissions to represent the Town of Yountville. External boards and commissions may include the Napa County Library Commission, NVTA-Active Transportation Advisory Committee, the NVTA-Citizen Advisory Committee, the Napa County Mosquito Abatement District and other external boards and commissions that may be established.

The general purpose, responsibilities and terms of office for countywide boards and commissions are established by their respective entity. To learn more about a particular external board or commission, staff has created hyperlinks to external webpages when available.

Are You Interested in Serving on a Local Board, Committee or Commission?

The Town Clerk will post a Notice of Vacancy as they occur for all board, committee and commission vacant positions appointed by the Town Council as well as for the External Boards and Commissions that call for Yountville representation. The Notice of Vacancy includes important information regarding the number of vacancies, term of office, date, time and location of meetings, a possible save-the-date to be interviewed by the Town Council.

If you are interested in volunteering to serve on a local board, committee or commission or an external board or commission, please use the View All Boards and Commission Vacancies link at the top of the Boardsa, Commissions and Committees page to complete and submit an online application. Please note the Town Council will conduct applicant interviews as part of the application process.

The Town Clerk will reach out to applicants to schedule interviews with the Town Council following the close of the application filing period specified in the Notice of Vacancy.