Stormwater & Floodplain Management

The Town of Yountville participates in the Napa Countywide Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (NCSPPP), which is a joint effort with the other municipalities in the County to:

  • Prevent stormwater pollution
  • Protect and enhance water quality in creeks and wetlands
  • Preserve beneficial uses of local waterways
  • Comply with State and Federal regulations

Valuable information on State and Regional requirements is available on the NCSPPP's Website.

Illicit Discharges

The Town of Yountville's stormwater system directs rainwater and runoff directly to creeks, ditches, and rivers. It is important to remember that stormwater, unlike wastewater, is not treated before entering creeks and ditches. With that in mind, the Town of Yountville prohibits illicit discharges into the stormwater system. Illicit Discharge means any discharge into the storm drains that is not composed entirely of stormwater except discharges pursuant to a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit and discharges resulting from fire fighting activities.

Examples of illicit discharges may include the improper disposal of motor oil, sewage, the hosing down of a sidewalk or driveway, discharge from a construction site or any substance dumped into the gutter or down the storm drain. A helpful rule of thumb is "if you wouldn't put it in your fish bowl, it shouldn't go into the gutter."

If you have any questions about the Town's Stormwater program, or if you observe an illicit discharge, please notify Town Staff at 707-944-8851, or email Erica Teagarden, Management Analyst.

View Street Sweeping Map and Schedule (PDF) for Yountville. There is additional sweeping on Fridays in the fall to pick up leaves. Property owners are asked to place leaves in their green waste toters and not in piles in the street, storm drains or Hopper Creek.