The Town of Yountville uses multiple sources of communication. Residents are encouraged to click on the links provided below and register to receive the latest updates when an emergency arises. If these systems fail during an emergency, residents should go to the Town's Community Center where all updates will be communicated.

ALERT Napa County is Yountville's local alert system and it is operated by Yountville Town Hall in conjunction with Napa County OES.

ALERT Napa County is a system that enables the agencies within Napa County to provide you with critical and non-critical information in a variety of situations. This includes situations such as severe weather, planned and unexpected road closures, missing persons, evacuations, natural disasters, and public health concerns. Many agencies across Napa County, including Emergency Services, the local jurisdictions, and Office of Education use ALERT Napa County to communicate with the public.

Alert Napa County sends notifications via text message, application push notifications, TTY and/or email communication. How you receive information, depends on how you customize your account preferences.

Visit Napa County Emergency, CA | Official Website ( for more information.

Visit Town of Yountville Website to find information on what to do during and emergency and to get the latest updates.

Nextdoor is a private neighborhood website/app where residents share information. The Town actively communicates through Nextdoor and will provide updates in an emergency. Please note, updates on Nextdoor may not appear chronologically due to the platform's functionality. For the most up to date information during an emergency, please reference the Town of Yountville Website.

Facebook Town of Yountville Page General information about all kinds of happenings in Yountville where the Town also communicate important information.

If communications media are down, the Town will post the latest updates at the Yountville Community Center.

Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) IPAWS is a regionally activated alert that will be sent to all cellular devices in an area to advise you of an emergency situation that needs your attention. Follow instructions included in the alert. You do not need to signup for this service.

PG&E Resource Links for Wildfire Season:


Sirens are an additional part of our emergency alert system. An emergency siren alert simply means that there is an emergency situation and that you should check the Town's website, Nixle alerts on your phone, or local radio stations, KVYN and KVON, on what the alert is for. A siren alert could indicate a number of situations, such as the need to evacuate or shelter in place warning. If you hear a siren, please do not call 911. Check your phone for a text message or visit the Town's website to find more detailed information.

Napa County Yountville Sheriff Department patrol vehicles are equipped with a European style Hi-Lo siren. Deputies will drive through neighborhoods activating the siren to provide an emergency alert. View the following video for a sample sound:

In addition, the County and local towns/cities are evaluating with the Napa County Office of Emergency Services options to install sirens regionally, including Yountville. The Town is participating in this process.

The Town is also evaluating other emergency preparedness warning alert options that use our existing street light poles to provide lighted visual and audio alerts.

Quick Resources List (PDF)

The quick resources list provides all the important phone numbers you need and quick checklists for all potential emergencies.

*The information on this website is provided under the California Emergency Services Act (California Government Code section 8550 et seq.) and for informational purposes only. The information on this website: (1) is necessarily general and not intended to be a complete guide to all things that can or should be done in the event of an emergency, (2) is subject to change at any time including in the event of an emergency, and (3) may not apply to your specific needs and/or circumstances in the event of an emergency. Emergency preparedness is your responsibility. Relevant information regarding a particular emergency may be different than the information provided on this website. All persons should consult relevant authorities for information regarding a particular emergency. There are many sources of information for emergency preparedness and all persons should consult as many resources as possible.