Hopper Creek Flooding

Hopper Creek may overflow out of its banks at the intersection of Oak Circle and Heather and flow east along Oak Circle to the Beard Ditch at the edge of Vineyard Park. Oak Circle is designed by the Vintage HOA Subdivision builders as a route to carry Hopper Creek overflow down Oak Circle into Vineyard Park and into Beard Ditch. The homes have been built such that they have not historically flooded or been damaged. The streets in front of the homes will flood and be impassable for a period of time.

Localized flooding lasting for 12 to 48 hours can occur when there is a peak intensity rain event in the hills to the west of Town or during a less intense rain storm when ground conditions are saturated and the creek is running at a higher level.

Flooding 1Drivers should not attempt to drive through Oak Circle when waters are fully over the road. This flooding event typically will last for a period of 12 hours to 24 hours. However, this flooding can last longer depending on flood conditions for the Napa River as Hopper Creek and Beard Ditch both flow into the Napa River south of town. There may be debris and mud on the road after flood waters subside and residents are advised to use caution while driving until the road is cleaned. Recent Town flood work upstream of Oak Circle and to improve storm drains along Oak Circle will help to reduce the frequency and duration of flood events at this location, but the potential for flooding remains as this area was designed to direct the creek to overflow into Oak Circle.

While it does not happen all that often, in extreme storm situations Hopper Creek has been known to overflow its banks along Mulberry Street and Heather Street and flow east to Holly Street and into Vineyard Park and into Beard Ditch. Hopper Creek has also come out of its banks at Finnell Road and flows east to Beard Ditch. With Town flood mitigation work over the past decade, flooding risk in these locations has been reduced.

Localized flooding may also occur at the following locations during intense storms or as the consequence of an extended period of rain:

  • Yount Mill Road at Yountville Pioneer Cemetery may have water sheeting over the road.
  • Ponding at the southbound intersection of Washington Street at California Drive.
  • Ponding along Solano Avenue at California Drive intersection.
  • Water over road on Solano Avenue at southern Town limits near Hinman Creek and the golf course.

Flooding 3Even with recent improvements to storm drainage Town-wide, it is important to be aware of local conditions and prepare for possible flooding.

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