Town Council Meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of the month.

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The Town of Yountville operates according to the Council-Manager form of government which vests authority in an elected Town Council which, in turn, hires an appointed executive. The Town Council is composed of five members elected from the town on a nonpartisan basis to serve overlapping four-year terms. The Mayor is elected at-large to serve a four-year term as presiding officer at Town Council meetings and as the official head of the town for legislative and ceremonial purposes. The Town Manager is appointed by the Town Council and serves at the pleasure of that body.

The Town Council is the town's legislative and policy-making body. Acting as a whole, the Town Council is responsible for passing ordinances and orders necessary for governing the town, as well as for setting the direction of town policy. The Town Manager is responsible for the overall administration of the town, which includes implementation of the general policies set by the Town Council in addition to the day-to-day operation of all town functions. The Town Manager, with the help of the staff, provides the Town Council with the information needed to fulfill its policy-making role.

The Town Council established the Town Council Protocols in April 2006 for the purpose of providing a framework for effective leadership. The protocols have subsequently been reviewed and revised periodically by the Town Council with the latest update in January 2020. The protocols are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that the document remains helpful and may be amended by resolution adopted by a majority vote of the Town Council.

Town Council Vision - Mission Statement - Organizational Values - Critical Success Factors  [PDF]

Town Council Handbook

The Town Council Handbook set forth herein is not intended to limit the inherent power and general legal authority of the Town Council. Any of the procedures may be waived by a majority vote of the Council Members when it is deemed that there is good cause to do so based upon the particular facts and circumstances.

Strategic Plan Information

A Strategic Plan (Plan) is a top level planning document for an organization to establish clear policy direction over all operational aspects of its vision. The Plan serves as a framework for decision making over a five-year period. The Plan is the result of a disciplined effort to facilitate decisions that will shape what the Town plans to accomplish. This Plan has incorporated an assessment of the present state of Town operations, the gathering and analyzing of critical information, setting goals, and finally making decisions for the future. Considerable time has been taken to gather input from a variety of community sources to insure the input is reflective of the community which helps to ensure the viability of The Plan. The Plan seeks to strengthen and build upon opportunities while addressing areas of concern.

Looking to the future, a key part of this Strategic Plan is a process to conduct an annual review and update of the Plan. These annual reviews allow for maintenance and updating of the Plan to assure that it reflects actual progress and/or needs of the Town. The reviews will be documented and the Plan updated accordingly. A "rolling" five-year planning horizon will be maintained at each update period.

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