Pavement Management

The Town of Yountville takes pride in maintaining safe, durable and clean streets. In fact, residents and visitors regularly comment that the streets in Yountville are some of the best in Napa County.

How Does the Town Maintain Such High Standards of Streets

With approximately eight-and-a-half centerline miles of public streets that are maintained by the Town, multiple factors contribute to exceptional maintenance.

Funding Sources

Yountville has a three year average Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of 78, which is in the "Good" category and best in Napa County. The Town rating is due largely to the fact that a conscious effort was made to budget for annual street maintenance and paving.

Ongoing Repairs

Streets continuously deteriorate from heavy traffic loadings and ageing from water oxidizing the pavement, but deterioration accelerates between the tenth and twentieth year without maintenance. Delaying repairs can result in the cost of repairs increasing as much as 30-fold, so the Town's annual Capital Improvement Program (CIP) includes a Pavement Management Program (PMP) for maintaining and restoring the pavement integrity of streets.

Collaboration with Other Development Projects

Streets with the most need for resurfacing are reviewed for coordination with other upcoming Town and potential private development and public utility work.

Evaluation from Streets Experts

The Pavement Management Program (PMP) provides a management tool to inventory street pavements, assess pavement condition, record historical maintenance, forecast budget needs, and view impacts of funding on Town-wide pavement condition over time. The Town works with experts to assess all pavement conditions. These evaluations allowed staff to list priority streets and the most cost effective repairs.

Current Pavement Management Plan Results

For decades, the Town Council has funded street maintenance projects, which usually included a hot mix asphalt concrete overlay or micro surface of an existing street.

This is done to minimize damage to newly paved streets by such work at a later date after the pavement has been replaced. A micro surface is used for streets with lower levels of distress as indicated by the Pavement Condition Index (PCI), as shown in the Pavement Management Program (PMP). A micro surface is a mix of liquid asphalt and small aggregate that is used to protect the street from the sun and rain. It is ten times less expensive than an inch of asphalt concrete overlay and will allow the overlay to be deferred for a decade or more. The PMP pavement condition survey is updated every two years and is one of the Town's primary tools for determining the most cost effective method of street maintenance or repair that is appropriate for the condition of the road or street. It is required by MTC, as a component of funding for Measure T, SB-1 and Gas Tax Funds

Typically, Special Revenue Funds contribute to street maintenance project funding. The Town receives approximately $650,000 per year from Measure T, SB-1 and Gas Tax revenue. This is spent on pavement management to keep our streets in the "good" rating.

Street Sweeping Schedule

See a Street Sweeping Map and Schedule (PDF) for Yountville. There is additional sweeping on Fridays in the fall to pick up leaves. Property owners are asked to place leaves in their green waste toters and not in piles in the street, storm drains or Hopper Creek.