Climate Action Plan

The Town's Climate Action Plan was adopted in September of 2016. See below for a PDF of the document and more information.

Additionally, the Town participates in the Napa County Climate Action Committee (CAC). The CAC consists of two elected officials from each of the six, Napa County jurisdictions. Click Here to be redirected to the CAC Website

Climate Action Plan PDF

The Town of Yountville understands that climate change has the potential to significantly affect Yountville’s residents and businesses, as well as other communities around the world. The Town also recognizes that local governments play a strong role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the potential impacts of climate change. 

The purpose of this Climate Action Plan (CAP) is to compile existing and potential strategies (i.e., actions, projects, and programs) that the Town’s government and the community can use to address climate change. It provides a brief background on what climate change is and its potential impacts, but focuses on the efforts Yountville can take to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate, to the extent feasible at the local level, the potential impacts of climate change. 

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